Etwinning CALENDAR 2019eTwinning CALENDAR                                                                                  School year 2018/19

About the project

This short time project is concerned with a calendar for the year 2019. 
Students from partner schools will create pages of the calendar – each country will create some pages (one page per month). The content of the page should be connected with important days (international or national importance) or special days and holidays. 
The final product of the collaboration will be the calendar full of information and facts that are chosen by children from partner schools. The calendar can be distributed in the schools and can be used as a useful decoration of the classrooms. 
Other activities included in this project will be guessing games, quizzes and games connected with the topic.


- Use English as a way of communication, encourage the communication in the class and also among the partner schools
- Encourage and motivate students to learn and use English
- Improve reading and writing skills
- Learn new vocabulary 
- Using different materials to get necessary information
- Share ideas
- Use ICT for presenting the work
- Develop social skills and practical skills (group cooperation, sharing and commenting the work)
- Crosscurricular approach (English, Literature, Art, ICT, Geography)


1. (in November)
- Introduce the project to students, discuss the goals
- Get to know the partners using Twinspace – via guessing game (by providing the clues about the country)
- Design the logo 
2. (in December)
- Each partner starts to create given pages of the calendar (according to the number of members the pages will be equally distributed)
- Pupils working in groups think of the content of the page (important holidays, special days and celebrations- can be related to the country or known internationally), write text and add pictures and a table with the days of the particular month, each page should include the picture of the flag of the author country
- we can celebrate Christmas together in Twinspace
3. (in January)
- Once the pages are finished, the calendar can be printed
- Discussion – our favourite days (Padlet)
- Follow up activities – quizzes, online games concerned with special days, cultural backround of the countries
5. (in February)
- Evaluation and Dissemination


We will use Twinspace to show our work in every stage of the project.
The Project Journal will be used for communication between the members.
The pages of the calendar will be in digital format to be printed. The calendars will be printed and distributed in the partner schools. 
During the project work we will publish the articles about the project on our school web pages.

Language     English

Age range     From 7 to 11


Art, Drama, Foreign Languages, Geography, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Music, Primary School Subjects


Nicotera, 27/10/2018            TEACHERS  “A. Pagano” Primary School

                                                                      Anna Scarfone

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